April 4, 2011

Field Studies Through the Years

April 15, 2011




Last (of the Semester) Reflections on Cultural Learning

April 13, 2011


When I first enrolled in IAS 360R, I thought it would be a class about how to survive in the wilds of Ghana and Mexico and Tonga, and thus would apply to my field study very little. I figured that since there was so much similarity between American and English culture, I would have little problem assimilating into the culture, other than understanding British accents and learning words like "nappy" and "bobby." I also thought that because I was studying history and literature rather than living people, I could just hole myself up in the libraries and museums all day long and spend my field study in an ivory tower. In short, I was very wrong. [Read more by Averyl]

Geography and Development

February 11, 2011


When people ask me why I decided to study Geography, the answer is simple: there is something satisfying about getting an education that has the world as it's topic. I enjoy understanding and seeing the world through a "geographic lens" - or a lens that involves the culture, traditions, perceptions of humans and the psysio-graphic elements that they experience where they live ... [Read more by Michelle]

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The Medium of Field Notes

October 12, 2010


While looking at the limitations of a field study, both the way I saw the experience (in avatars, or different aspects of my personality) as well as the medium I used to record my findings had a significant impact on my project ... [Read more by Rachel]

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The Trouble With Africa

September 27, 2010


Africa as a continent has long been recognized for its scale: huge African skies; tall, far-reaching African grasses; large African cats and long-necked African giraffes: animals and lands worthy of exploration, study, discovery. To visit Africa has been marketed as an opportunity to leave the concrete maze of modern life and find something huge and real and wild .... [Read more by Katherine]

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General Church

July 24, 2010


I think my favorite part was "General Church" service at the secondary school. This church was something like the best sacrament meeting of my life and one of my many high school punk rock concerts. You arrive exhausted, breathe in the music, abandon your inhibitions, and dance! ... [Read more by Rachel]

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